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8 Little Things That Say A Lot About People

It is not only a mental superpower to be able to read people, but it is something that everyone can learn. It is amazing how much you can learn about someone by just paying attention.

You can find great people by looking for certain patterns. This will help you build your character and become the person you desire to be. These eight subtle clues can help you understand the true nature of people.

1. How they treat those who serve them

It is almost impossible to tell how someone treats others who are offered a service. This is why? Because you have power over service personnel. Because “the customer is always right,” almost all employees must be friendly to you.

Neglecting these people shows you lack integrity, empathy, and self-esteem. A person with self-esteem does not have to treat others as superior.

2. They are so polite!

There are many people who leave a lot to be desired in their manners, which is odd. If you find someone who asks “please” and “thanks” frequently, it is likely that they are socially intelligent. These simple words can brighten someone’s day and reduce friction in interactions. It also makes it easier to get through your daily life.

3. His method of walking

Barack Obama is a confident presence when he walks into a room. He is both friendly and powerful, but he doesn’t seek validation from anyone.

You can learn a little trick called the “door technique”. You “anchor” your body language to something that you see every day, such as a door. You can check your body language every time you pass a door. Do you stand straight or are your hips bent? Are you walking with little spirits, or dragging your feet?

4. How they react to situations that are uncomfortable

Consider the following example: A person queues at a concession stand to order a hotdog with cheese. The employee doesn’t listen and refuses to put the cheese on the hot dog. The client’s partner questions her about whether she will insist that she puts the cheese on him. This one doesn’t. Why? It would need to experience social friction.

Although this is only a small example, it can help you to see how someone moves through their life and how they would handle situations with greater social friction. Will they be willing to feel awkward? Or will they prefer to keep their mouth shut because they feel more secure?

5. What they do with the good fortune of others

You can find out if someone tends to envy or support successful people by looking at their facial expressions and listening to their subtle hints of language. An “embarrassment troll” is someone who expresses genuine concern over something, but in reality they are trying to undermine the other person. Imagine someone talking about how much they made from their previous company and someone else responding by saying “Geez, you’re likely to have to pay lots of taxes.” You must make sure you are saving. Ask yourself if they are trying to help or hinder you.

6. They frame their responsibilities.

Are you responsible for the technical aspects of your company or can you learn technical skills that will help you grow your business? Listening to people speak about what they do will help you understand their perspective on life. It is a powerful language.

7. What is your response to the question “How are you?” Or “What are your thoughts?”

Many people will give you the same answer every time: “good”, or “good”. It is important to try to be closer to people who have always got something to offer. They are the ones who have a lot to share about their hobbies and side projects.

8. How dogs and children respond to them

Children have sixth sense of people. Young children are unable to think in complex ways so they focus on their “vibrations.” Your facial expressions and how you behave are what they base their opinions on you, not on what you have to say or how well you communicate. Trust me when I say that they aren’t fully present with you.

It is impossible to be perfect all the time. Being a bit more aware and being able to spot patterns in people’s behavior can make a big difference in your life. You can surround yourself with people who will enrich your life by paying more attention.

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