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About My Trajectory And Some Tips To Become A Linkedin Top Voice

This month started very special here. With the announcement of LinkedIn’s Top Voices list of 2021 (and I’m on it!), many memories came back to my trajectory creating content on the internet and how I ended up here. I decided to share with you a little of that moment and some initiatives that I took over the years that proved decisive.

From the time when the internet was in the woods

Everyone who started on the internet in the blogging boom (towards 2010) says they’ve been here since “the time when the internet was wild.” I think it’s funny and I even understand, since many big and well-known influencers nowadays started very recently on the internet, armed with the most advanced digital marketing techniques. As for me, I am from the time when the internet was bush.

I’ve blogged since I was a teenager (so make this an embarrassing account), but my current Blog Delight has been around since 2012. On Instagram , I’ve been creating content professionally since 2015. And, comparing the two media, I found it much easier grow audience and monetize content through Instagram photos. When the stories came out then, with their easy swipe tool for a commissioned link, it became even easier.

But I didn’t start creating content on the internet to make money. I started because I really enjoy writing, sharing experiences and exchanging information. So seeing that Instagram photos were more promising than articles on my blog was really a shower of cold water in my creation here.

Do people still have the patience to read?

Seeing photos and videos succeeding with little effort after so many years of blogging without any feedback really made me believe that people weren’t interested in reading on the internet anymore. It was at this stage that I met Laís Schulz and Matheus de Souza , two content creators who mastered something I didn’t know much about – this digital marketing thing.

At the time, Laís was a photographer and Instagrammer, a bit like me (remember, Laís? lol). In 2018 it would become LinkedIn Top Voice. Matheus, whom I met a little later, was already an influencer on LinkedIn – this since 2016, when many people outside this bubble didn’t even know there were influencers on LinkedIn. He was the first person I met who made a living from creating text content on the internet – yes, text. People still read!

And it was at the end of 2018 that I began to see LinkedIn as a content platform, not just a network of professional resumes. I started to replicate there some texts I posted on my blog that had to do with the universe of creativity or entrepreneurship and pimba: the audience came practically instantly. It’s really a big contrast compared to other social networks, already so saturated with quality content creators. There I saw that there was space and, more than that, space to write. People still read.

The way to the LinkedIn Top Voices list

For me there has never been greater motivation than the engagement of staff there. Seeing that I was being read, that my articles made a difference in people’s lives and that many identified with my dilemmas made me want to write more and more. And, of course, they made me want to write better.

Although I’ve been working as a copywriter for a few years, I was new to this LinkedIn universe. To better master platform-specific issues, I took Matheus’s LinkedIn Personal Marketing and Content Creation course . It was a watershed for me! In addition to helping in the creation of content and even in my personal branding, the course planted the seed of ambition in me: I started to want that Top Voice, an honor won by several Matheus students.

Taking this course is the best tip I give to anyone who creates content on the platform and seeks to stand out. But there are other strategies that work well, the main ones being:

Post frequently. Once a week I think it’s ideal, but every fortnight I think it’s ok. I myself could not maintain the ideal frequency and everything worked out;

Alternate posts that demonstrate your skills (something specific to your area, which can be a differential for getting a job) with posts on broader topics, with more potential to go viral;

Analyze the most engaging themes from what you’ve already published to target your content according to the audience’s desires. This goes for any social network;

Interact. Internet is never a monologue and answering comments, reading the generated discussions and actually interacting shows that you value the time and opinions of those who accompany you here;

Recognize and value other professionals who cross your path, who can teach you, inspire you and greatly accelerate your growth. Be humble and realize that there is always room for evolution. Collaboration is the key!
Keep an eye out for trends and issues that may hit the next few days. It’s not easy, but it’s a surefire way to create shareable content. It’s even worth looking outside the labor market, with references from cinema, music and whatever is on the rise.

Following these tips and with a real interest in generating discussions on the network, I repeat what I said a few paragraphs ago: LinkedIn is still a very promising network for those who create content and seek to gain an audience. In addition to being very satisfying to have this exchange and recognition, we are well aware that presence on the internet opens many doors professionally. I see no reason not to be on the network.??

I hope you enjoyed the tips and were inspired by my story! If you have any questions or suggestions that might improve this theme, feel free here in the comments. And, once again, I would like to thank you for your presence and participation on LinkedIn! It is together that we make the articles (and the network as a whole!) a relevant and growing space. To the next!

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