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Can You Create Content On The Internet Without Professional Equipment

Today the article is special for those who want to start creating content on the internet without professional equipment, as they still cannot make this type of investment. Can you start with what you already have?

I’ve said here several times that if you wait for perfect conditions to start a business, chances are you’ll never start. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have tips and hacks for you to optimize what you have and do the best within your possibilities.

I think everyone, when talking about starting a channel without equipment and production, uses Whindersson Nunes as an example. He started making the most amateur videos ever, with his cell phone and his bedroom set, and now he has one of the biggest Youtube channels in the world.

And why did it work? Because he has talent, charisma and persistence. It’s not the best image, or the most perfect microphone, that will make you stand out on the internet. There is even an opposite movement going on, of people valuing more and more contents that are down to earth, easier to roll an identification.

Professionalization comes little by little

And of course, if you start a channel or a blog, it starts to grow, and you see yourself in a position to invest in better equipment, do that. It’s even really cool for those who are following to see you evolving.

Professionalizing your content allows you to do different things and offer new services. That’s why it’s cool that you have this ambition to improve. But that vision doesn’t stop you from starting without professional equipment.

The other day I saw a story by a well known entrepreneur who said that it is often your limitation – in terms of equipment, time, whatever – that makes you more creative and makes you develop your own language.

So use your limitation as an incentive to overcome yourself, not a barrier. I’ve met many content creators over the years on the internet and it’s amazing how those who started at the bottom and kept creating and inventing possibilities to make their ideas viable are by far the most creative and the most inspiring.

There are also rich people, who decided to create content on the internet because it was easy, because they could buy everything, hire help… And these people are usually the least authentic, those who do the same things as others or who do a little of everything just because they can. Then it is very difficult to identify, even if the work is beautiful.

knowledge > equipment

What I recommend is: instead of worrying about “I have to buy this camera”, worry about what you need to learn to create and promote yourself with what you already have. The internet is full of free content or cheap online courses that can make a big difference in your business.

You can promote a blog or website only with SEO techniques, without buying traffic; you can turn your living room into a studio with just a few cellphone accessories; you can come up with a million ideas to create content just by reading books you find on the internet.

Be curious and don’t be afraid to get started, even without professional equipment. If you want to take better pictures with your cell phone and can invest a little in it, I recommend with your eyes closed Paulo del Valle’s cell phone photography course . I’ve taken several online courses and there isn’t any as well done, with as much content and with a price as nice as his.

If you don’t have money to invest in the course, you can follow Paulo’s contents on Instagram and on his YouTube channel , where he teaches a lot about photography. It won’t be as fast and digestible as in the course, but you’ll evolve a lot already, I’m sure.

Believe me: everything you need to get started you already have it. You are perfectly capable. I hope this article has encouraged you to get started, without looking for reasons to postpone your plans. I really regret not starting my YouTube channel sooner, so I hope this article will keep you from making the same mistake.

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