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Can You Undertake Without A Safety Net

If a salary gives you security, undertaking will be like playing Russian roulette. You have to have a strong personality to face the unknown, believe that you can and build something from scratch.

  • Entrepreneurship is for everyone but not everyone can undertake it.
  • The ideas are there, waiting to be captured.
  • The opportunities are there, waiting to be discovered.
  • The money is there for the taking.

And if the money is “there” it means that it is available to everyone that tries. However, not everyone has the ability to come up with the ideas and strategies to succeed.

A successful entrepreneur will require some qualities such as vision, courage, temperance, self-esteem, acceptance of failure, optimism, intuition, knowledge, passionate spirit, taste for adrenaline, etc.

From childhood they dress us with fear. Let’s get naked

The American coach Jack Canfield led an investigation that yielded a lapidary result: every day, a child receives 460 negative or critical stimuli compared to only 75 positive ones. In other words, they receive 600% more “no” than yes”, which represents 167,900 negative stimuli per year .

Children are born pure and decontaminated with prejudices, but as we grow older we fill them with “No”: “you can’t”, “don’t do it”, “don’t touch”, “no”, “no”, no ”, etc. And so we are managing to fill the entrepreneur in every boy and girl with fear. Surely, when their desires for independence grow they run the risk of becoming frustrated due to an excess of fears.

One piece of advice I always give to entrepreneurs is to listen to the experts, something vital but most don’t do.

On the other hand, what many do is listen to people who, although well-intentioned, respond more from affection than from entrepreneurial experience, managing to convey their own fears and mistrust to us.

It doesn’t matter if Einstein said it or not

Social networks and the internet have been filled with motivational messages whose authorship is attributed to universal characters without citing the exact origin.

Albert Einstein was awarded thousands of phrases and stories. We don’t know for sure if he was the author, however, it is useful to identify a person so that we can identify them as the author (even if they didn’t write it): –

“Two children were skating on a frozen lake in Germany. It was a cloudy and chilly afternoon.

The children played carefree. Suddenly, the ice cracked and one of them fell, getting caught in the ice crevice.

The other, seeing his friend trapped and freezing, threw a skateboard and began to hit the ice with all his might until, finally, breaking it and freeing his friend.

When the firefighters arrived and saw what had happened, they asked the boy:

– “How did you manage to do that? It is impossible that you managed to break the ice being so small and with so little strength!”

At that time, Albert Einstein was passing by and commented:

– “I know how he did it

– “How?

– “Very simple,” Einstein replied. “There was no one to tell him that he was not capable”

Therefore, if you want to overcome the dependence on the false security of a salary and you have an entrepreneurial dream, an idea, an opportunity, go ahead! Do not abandon it following the words of others. Living on dreams or on a salary is absolutely your choice.

  • If someone tells you that you don’t make money with the Internet, tell them to tell the people at Amazon, Google or Facebook;
  • If someone tells you that it is not worth innovating because there is already everything, tell them to tell the people at Apple;
  • If someone tells you to stop dreaming and look for a job, tell them to tell the Walt Disney people;
  • If someone tells you that selling coffee is not going to get ahead, tell them to tell the people at Starbucks
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