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How To Make A Travel List So That Nothing Is Missing In The Suitcase

Preparing a trip, like the suitcase, involves a series of steps to follow if what you really want is to enjoy the experience to the fullest. And how is this achieved? Creating a travel list as complete as possible to avoid those little unforeseen events that can annoy or prevent the trip from being as expected.

And although at first it may seem a complex task not to forget anything, it is possible to organize a complete trip. You just have to create an imaginary suitcase that includes the different essential compartments, fill each one with your head, depending on the type of trip, and leave through the door of the house with the certainty that the experience will be enjoyed.

The Importance Of A Travel List And The Suitcase

For a trip to be as satisfactory as expected, in addition to the chosen destination, everything that is added to the suitcase must be taken into account, therefore, making a list is always a good prior recommendation.

What Kind Of Travel Suitcase To Use?

The first thing when making a trip is to choose the method to transport the suitcase. The volume of the luggage is what dictates how to distribute everything that is needed and the capacity with which it is available.

You should always choose the one that is most comfortable and easy to transport, space is secondary, since if the list is made with the most essentials, a spacious suitcase will not be necessary, but a perfect travel companion ready to fulfill its function. There is also no need to carry dictionaries or guides to facilitate communication if the destination uses another language.

How To Organize The Travel Suitcase?

Although the suitcase has different pockets and other compartments, it is recommended to use the so-called organizing cubes, ideal for orderly depositing belongings on the trip.

Inside these bags, preferably colored, is where each necessary item from the list that we make must be ordered. In this way, everything is at hand and future losses are avoided. Maintaining order within the suitcase itself to access what is needed in particular will help when traveling and making use of everything that is needed on the trip.

What Clothing And Footwear To Choose?

The clothes to choose, as well as the footwear, will depend on the climate and the area to be visited. Whenever possible, you should carry two sets of shoes, one of them very comfortable, in your travel suitcase.

As for the clothes, it is preferable to choose the one necessary for the days that the stay lasts. Wearing extra clothes will only mean a nuisance, so it is advisable to previously choose the one that will be used every day.

What Should The Necessary Contain?

In addition to everything you need to look good, it is important to bring basic hygiene items. It is always positive to anticipate the possible failures of the place where you are going to spend the night taking with you a bar of soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant and other vital intimate hygiene products to be comfortable during the outing. Nor should you forget sunscreen or moisturizer.

What Is Needed In The Botiquin?

Having a first-aid kit with which to travel is the basis to ensure that you are covered in case of need. Medications, hydrogen peroxide, gauze and plasters are the basis of everything that is needed.

If you need specific medications, you may need a document certifying their use depending on the country you are traveling to. In the same way, it does not hurt to carry a bottle of water, scissors or mosquito repellent.

What Documentation Do I Have To Bring?

Depending on the destination, a specific type of documentation will be needed. Perhaps the personal identification document or passport is not enough, so the ideal is to consult with the embassy in question.

Due to the current pandemic, it may be necessary to take medical tests, update the vaccination letter, as well as carry other permits such as special visas. Within this section it is also advisable to make sure that you have printed travel tickets, medical insurance and carry physical maps of the area to visit if necessary.

Other Important Items On The Travel List

Since this last year, you must travel with a mask and hydroalcoholic gel, but to this you must also add the necessary chargers for all the technology, a universal adapter and an inflatable pad to facilitate rest during the trip. There is also no need to add a small notebook, pen and even sunglasses.

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