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How To Migrate From A Personal To A Professional Instagram

You take beautiful pictures, have a keen aesthetic sense and even feel that you influence the people around you. How do you turn your Instagram, which is now personal, into a job and a possible source of income?

In this article, I’ll give you some tips for you who are starting or want to start a business as an influencer / content creator on Instagram, which is still the most profitable social network for creatives.

But can you make money with Instagram? Me?

Yes, you! I decided to do this article after a follower on Instagram asked me “tips for those starting out”. I thought I was already doing this a lot in my content, but I realized that there are basic and super important things that I learned with experience and that nobody talks about.

The first tip, which I think changes everything, is to condition your gaze to see your content through the eyes of other people – whether on Instagram, blog, Youtube or wherever.

Put yourself in the shoes of a person you don’t know, who parachutes onto your Instagram, and thinks about what she’s going to think of what she’s seeing there. Is your content beautiful? Is it relevant? Does it add anything to people’s lives?

I think that this exercise alone will give you a lot of insights. For example, it doesn’t make any sense for you to mix your professional content, which you hope will attract a following, with super personal stuff, the photo at the club, your grandmother’s cake, the selfie at the firm. Nobody wants to see this.

To keep the freedom to post whatever you want, the ideal is to make a separate Instagram to be your professional network. Because the truth is that only very famous people attract followers by posting random stuff from their personal lives.

Talk about what then?

One thing that helps a lot for someone starting out, becoming an influencer, is defining a niche. I already made a video on my Youtube channel about it, click here to watch .

In the video I speak more from the point of view of brands, because niche content has a very specific audience and that is very good for advertising. But having a defined niche also helps a lot in your editorial planning and, of course, it also helps the person who fell in your profile to understand who you are, what you talk about and what to expect from your content.

It’s very annoying when you follow someone to see, for example, finance tips and they suddenly start posting the routine at the gym. It doesn’t make sense, they are very different interests.

Think about what you like to talk about the most, and understand the most, and make it your primary topic. You can orbit through other spheres, experiment, but you need to ensure that whoever followed you to see that particular subject will be well served.

I see that there are a lot of people who create content on the internet who do not have that look, of thinking about who is there consuming. What a lot of people actually want is to have this glamorous life, get pampering, travel, and get paid to show how good your life is.

But that’s not quite how it happens. Those who grow, stand out and really create a content company on social media are people who work a lot behind the scenes. Life of a princess with a kiss, only an heiress has it.

The first step is to add value to your audience

What I advise you is to think first of what you can offer that is most useful to people. Before you expect people to like, praise and pamper you, you need to do your part . Because nothing comes for free. I know that sometimes, looking at other people’s Instagram accounts, it feels like it came. But it didn’t come.

So, after doing this analysis, you start planning your content. For example, this article here came from a video script that I wrote a few weeks ago and that was set for months in a content spreadsheet that I have.

It’s the same for Instagram. As I do advertising on @raira, I’m very careful so that my profile doesn’t become a catalogue. As much as advertising is sometimes relevant to the person who follows me, it is very important for my relationship with the audience that most of my content is spontaneous, and does not pay. This gives credibility.

And without credibility, there is no such thing here, there is no publicity, there is no influence. I am very grateful for each person who follows me on the networks, because it is the followers who guarantee my work on the internet. So offering relevant content for those who follow me is the minimum.

And that’s what you have to focus on if you want to become an influencer. If your goal is to be famous and earn easy money, you are on the wrong track. Now if you really like to communicate, exchange, want to contribute to people’s lives at the same time you make your business profitable, then you are on the right path.

I hope this article has given you some insights, helped those who work with content production or even killed the curiosity of those who work in other areas. My biggest goal on the internet is to create relevant content, which is why I started talking about business on LinkedIn and Youtube.

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