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How To Pack A Suitcase So That Nothing Is Missing

When traveling, one of the most stressful moments could be when and how to pack. Actually, for some people it is not so important, since they pack the suitcase quickly and spontaneously, without thinking about anything other than enjoying themselves.

There is nothing negative in following this technique, on the other hand, there are other people who prefer to choose what they are going to keep in the suitcase according to the activities they are going to do, the destination they have chosen, the weather, etc.


Some people wonder when and how to pack before traveling so that nothing is forgotten. In addition, the different digital media are usually searched for a trick or process to follow when doing this work, which sometimes becomes tedious.

To begin with, the suitcase to be used must be carefully chosen, since space and weight depend on it. Also, you have to take into account the specific conditions of the chosen companies. And finally, knowing that if the trip is to be done by car, it facilitates decision-making by putting more or less content in the suitcase, something that is the best when traveling with children.

How To Make The Suitcase?

To pack a suitcase properly, two premises must be taken into account, on the one hand, everything that is going to be used at the destination must be included and on the other hand, it must be placed efficiently inside, avoiding breakage of containers, unnecessary wrinkles, lack of space, etc.

To include everything that is going to be needed, the most advisable thing would be to make a list of the planned activities, the weather at the destination, the duration of the trip, the “just in case” and the essentials, that is, what is needed in any travel, for example, a first-aid kit, computer phone charger, glasses or contact lenses if they are used, etc.

Clothing And Footwear

Clothes are one of the critical points when it comes to packing, since, although the ideal would be to be able to fit the entire closet, due to lack of space it is impossible. Therefore, it is advisable to make a list as indicated before of the activities, the duration and the weather.

You cannot miss a warm garment or shawl, very necessary in transport where there is air conditioning or if the weather changes unexpectedly. As for what clothes to put, the ideal is that it is easily combinable, with neutral colors. And about footwear, it is recommended to wear as comfortable as a pair to use when going out to dinner.

The Need

Each person must know what they use throughout the day, but of course, they cannot miss the products that they cannot find in a hotel, if that type of accommodation has been chosen, for example, facial cream , deodorant, makeup, shaving set, toothbrush and toothpaste, etc.


Today we live and partly depend on the digital world, therefore, it is very important to remember when packing a suitcase how to store the cables and chargers necessary for all devices, as well as how to keep them and not lose them.


Being able to travel is important to carry an official identification, such as your ID or passport. In fact, certain trips are not allowed without these two documents. Unfortunately, after COVID-19, negative results of the PCR analysis are also required on many trips.

The Botiquin

Bring a kit with the basics and a spare pair of glasses or contact lenses if they are used. To do this, it is advisable to have plenty of copies, not depend on just one. Thanks to the offers in the price of daily contact lenses, it is now no longer difficult to have several, some for them to travel and others to leave at home.

Also, there are many options regarding this last point, since changing the color of the eyes is a fashion trend, as long as they are natural. To do this, you can buy natural colored contact lenses online and change your look.

There would be many more things that could be included in a suitcase, such as the pillow, essential to make rest a reality, a book, since, although living in the digital world, many transports are not even allowed, something to eat, in case there were any unexpected incidents.

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