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Men's clothing: tips for dressing well for all occasions

The key to dressing well is to use garments that harmonize and that, by adding a striking element, complete a look that makes a difference. These tips will help you choose which menswear to say yes to and which to say no to. For a modern style, you can opt for fabrics with elastane and shirts with tight silhouettes. We would recommend checking our men’s clothing store we have a variety of fabrics in shirts that should not be missed in your wardrobe. We will be looking at a number of styles of men’s clothing you can consider for designing your own individual look.


How to build your closet with men’s clothing that makes you look good?

Have a variety of fabrics in shirts

Buy men’s clothing that is functional, that includes fabrics that serve for hot, rainy or very cold days.

Linen and cotton are perfect natural fiber fabrics for shirts, they are also resistant and keep their shape.

Dare to have several color palettes

Men ‘s clothing does not have to be boring, on the contrary, there are colors that favor men; such as sky blue and white.

Take advantage of your qualities, let’s see what color stands out and matches your skin tone:

– White skin: highlights your skin tone using bright colors in dark tones, for example red wine, dark green, purple and blue.

Avoid neutrals like black and white, as they will make you look pale Dark

skin: intermediate colors in soft tones like green, yellow, turquoise and pink are good for you.

Let yourself be carried away by color and give life to your wardrobes.

– Dark skin: you have a great advantage, because you can use both vibrant colors and warm and neutral colors.

White, gray in all its presentations, blue and khaki will make you look impeccable.

Add fun by combining prints with neutral colors, you’ll look great.

Dress according to your body shape

Although a garment is beautiful, if it does not fit your body, it will not fit you well. For men with a slim build, it is advisable to add some volume to clothing, for example with jackets or outfits that have pockets.

Do not buy men’s clothing that is baggy, make your shoulders and chest look wide by wearing clothes with a horizontal striped pattern.

It also includes plaid shirts they are perfect for adding visual volume.

For a thick figure you should wear men’s clothing in the right size, a small size can be a disaster. Say yes to vertical and straight lines, also to simple high-waisted pants without pockets.

In terms of color, neutral tones are the best, choose between black, brown and gray. In a casual outing, wear a V-neck shirt, this shape slims the area between the neck and the chest.

Clothes for athletic figures should not be so tight, because your body will look tight. Take advantage of elegant pieces such as blazers   and vests, pants with presses and shirts to achieve a balance between your shoulders and your waist.

Also, formal dresses and jackets that have shoulders without shoulder pads, more unstructured.

If you have a lot of muscle in the legs, then you should accentuate the upper part, and this is achieved by using classic straight-cut trousers with slightly baggy legs.

This way you prevent the pockets from opening causing the pants to lose their shape.

No matter what body type you have, there are menswear that fits each of them.

You just have to choose the size and shape that makes you look good without losing comfort.

Say yes to these men’s clothing:


Dressing in layers is characteristic of a fashionista, it is a trend that goes with the business man, but also with the one who has fun. Unlined blazers are best, they drape naturally and follow your figure allowing you to wear a bottoming shirt without looking bulky from layers.

Say yes to blazers:

  • with textures
  • Unicolor and colorful
  • with fine stripes
  • Two color pre-dyed
  • According to the season, for hot days’ use cotton

dark jeans

Combined with formal shirts, business casual and casual, jeans are essential and functional; It is a type of men’s clothing that will not go out of style due to its versatility.

There are many types of jeans, the trend is the tighter models in the calves.

Dress shirts

You can make them formal or informal just by adjusting the sleeve, make this garment a staple in your wardrobe.

It includes colors such as white and light blue, you can combine them with many other colors such as gray, black, dark blue and taupe.

Business Casual Shirts

You recognize them because, although they have buttons and sleeves, their design is sophisticated and modern. For example: printed shirt (which has only two colors) and jean.

Using the right pants and accessories, you can create various looks with these types of shirts. Include them in your closet.

Formal dress

Dare to innovate and add color to your formal suits, we recommend that you have two colors.

If you can’t find a size that fits your body, don’t worry, tailors can help you customize it.

The important thing is to take care that the shoulders are not very bulky and that they have a length proportional to your torso.

Leather jacket

They’re fun, classic, and an absolute yes in menswear. Not only will it give you a laid-back look, it’s a style you can wear all day long.

Say no to these men’s clothing

Wide trousers

The key to looking good is clothing with the right size, every decision you make when buying men’s clothing should be thought about according to style and size.

Very baggy pants will drastically change your figure and make you look short.

How can you know if a pair of pants is your size? When worn at the waist, it looks good on you without a belt.

In addition, when you sit down you should feel comfortable in the thigh area, that is, it should not be too tight either.

Tie with funny designs

You can make a difference by using ties with designs, textures and colors, but not with funny, exaggerated or rude figures that will surely damage your look.

overalls for men

Think twice before including a piece of this type in your wardrobe, as it is not an outfit that a modern man should wear.

This garment, although it is very well combined, does not go well with the masculine style you are looking for.

Shirts with long or short cuffs

Whether you’re wearing a suit or a blazer, shirt cuffs should only stick out 1.5 centimeters.

If the cuffs are not visible, there is a size problem that can be fixed with another size or adjusted to suit you.

Ripped pants at the knees and legs

For many people, taste rules in fashion; however, wearing ripped pants is something to avoid

These pants make the man look sloppy and unprofessional.

Guide to dress for every occasion

  • Casual: choose a relaxed look in which you wear jeans and cotton clothing, wear casual jackets.
  • Formal: add color to your tuxedos, keep them clean cut and textured.

Gray and blue colors are trending.

  • Cocktail: if the cocktail is during the day, we suggest an outfit that is neither very formal nor very casual, a current gray striped suit with a white shirt is perfect.

For a cocktail evening add formality by adding leather shoes and a tie to the suit.

May your personality be reflected in the way you dress, learn to combine garments, textures, colors and shapes. Men’s fashion is changing, but it has one main rule: look impeccable!

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